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Linking Memory Flashcards

Your child's Right Brain has the ability to recall entire elements at a glance. Here's how you can use Linking Memory method to stimulate this ability:

For Babies:

Show 2 picture cards, eg. 'apple' and 'car'. Make up a story, eg. 'The apple jumped over the car'. Put the cards down. Once your child is able to tell or point to the correct cards when you ask, increase number of cards to 3, then 4 ensuring that they are always in the right order.

For 2yrs and above:

At this age your child is ready to memorize 50 cards per set in the correct order and something amazing will happen. He/She will be able to name the cards at a glance without the help of pictures. It is not necessary to show 50 individuals cards now. A chart of 50 pictures is fine. Either you or your child will point to the pictures as you read the storyline or while listening to the Linking Memory CD.

When my son was about 2 years old, I contemplated quitting Shichida classes. He had been in the program since 3 months old and we weren't seeing results. He wasn't even interested in 6 LM pictures but at 2yrs 3 mths, something miraculous happened. He could name all 50 pictures in Linking Memory Set 4 in the correct order without looking at the them. He went on to recite 150 pictures in LM Sets 4, 5 & 6 continuously 2 months later. That renewed my confidence in the system and thus I spent more time creating home practice materials.

At 4 yrs old now, he is currently doing LM Set 1C, 2C & 3C. Sensei has begun to time their recital. One of the kids in my son's class is super fast and can recite 150 pictures in about a minute. She mispronounces most of them but when you look at her during the recital, you can see her eyes rolling and that is a sign that she is seeing the pictures in her mind vividly.

We cannot share the LM Sets and CDs from Shichida but here are some home-made materials contributed by parents.

100 Linking Memory Pictures + Story
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